Who We are

Camer International Freight Forwarder (CAMIFF) (ESL) is an international logistic company, specialized in cargo transportation and warehousing. Being the Logistics Company for the World we go well beyond our global presence in over 121 countries and territories and our tireless pioneer spirit when it comes to new markets. It also extends beyond our unique ability to offer a remarkable range of Capture logistics solutions – from mission-critical express deliveries to economical freight transportation, from taking the complexity out of customs to managing the complexity of global supply chains. and everything in between.

We want to be the logistics company people turn to, the first choice not only for all shipping needs, but also the first choice for career and investment opportunities, and being the global benchmark for responsible business practice. Built on the three pillars of Focus, Connect and Grow, we have laid out a clear plan for the coming years with ambitious yet achievable goals. Focusing on what has made us successful, We are a global logistics company that is well-positioned in the world’s growth markets. We remain focused on logistics as our core business. Our experts around the world possess an enormous wealth of know-how, expertise and talent. We are working diligently to find new ways to tap into this treasure trove and share it across our global family of businesses.


Our Mission

We meet our customers’ demands for a personal & profesional service by offering innovative supply chain solutions.

Our Vision

We proactively and constantly look for new possibilities. Therefore, an important part of our vision is to attract & retain.

Core Values

Procedures, values and attitudes are crucial to our reputation – not to mention the success we enjoy.

Why Choose Us

24 Hours Support

Have an elaborate customer support team to catter for your technical querries 24/7

Global supply Chain

Specialises in freight forwarding of merchandise and associated logistic services globally

Mobile Shipment Tracking

We Offers intellgent concepts for road & tail well as complex special services.

Careful Handling

We at Camer International Freight Forwarder (CAMIFF) are masters of careful handlings delicate goods

Time On Door Delivery

We bring your parcels to you at the confort of your home. We come as close as you want.