This status provides an indication of the clearance processing from the destination. Please check the status details to see additional information available. This checkpoint allows you to see very early if there is additional information required by customs for clearance.
The Pickup and Delivery destinations shown on the Camer International Freight Forwarder (CAMIFF) tracking results are based on the destination of the Service Station location providing that pickup and delivery. Please be assured that your shipment is being delivered to the destination provided by you when you completed the waybill for your shipment(s).
This usually occurs if the information we have is insufficient to track the shipment for you. The address may be incorrect and we require clarification or some additional information may be required. The matter can be resolved very quickly .Email us.
Yes ofcoures! we have the best team on board for all pets shipping to take care for your pets, also there are we recommendations crates for any pet we ship. However, if there is need of anything, we will contact you immediately.
You have payment options including Bank transfer and Cash app, We also accept Bitcoins. For fast payment use our cash app handle $cosmoshippingxpress We accept bank transfers only for high amounts
Camer International Freight Forwarder (CAMIFF) has many options for any speed, cost, weight, and destination. We are here to help you choose the best one for you. Explore all Camer International Freight Forwarder (CAMIFF) services based on the type of package and your preferred delivery time.
You can use any sturdy, undamaged packaging for your shipments. We do give recommendation packaging especially for pets. discreet packaging are not checked by us, but customs may have to check it. be we dispatch with your pet, we do make sure your pet is highly checked first, if there is anything we will contact the reciever.
Some packages are sent as Discreet (No Signatory required). But all other delivery require a signatory with Camer International Freight Forwarder (CAMIFF) account to recieve package
Absolutely. Call +1.929.239.3057. For faster response, You can also chat with us online by clicking on the live chat icon found at the buttom right of the page.